Get the Avionics You Always Wanted. The Sirius Panel Landscape Makes It Possible.
Left Avionics Stack is Grand Rapids Technology Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) and Engine Instrument System EIS 4000. Dynon Skyview or Garmin G3X can also be placed here.
Center Stack is Garmin 796PS Engineering 3000 Intercom, Garmin GNC 255 Com/Nav Radio and Ram Mount and 12V Outlet for iPad/Tablet. Area could also be used for another 10 inch EFIS or Second Garmin G3X. Radios Can Also be Placed Remotely Due to Ability to be Controlled by the HXr EFIS. Trig TT22 is Not Shown, as it is Remote and Connected/Controlled by EFIS.
Right Stack is a Grand Rapids Technologies 7 Inch HX with USB Data Port. ELT Test and Alert Light are to Right of the USB Port. Hobbs Meter (Not Seen) is Located Below ELT Test. Dynon EFIS or Other Avionics Can be Place Here.
This Shows How Remote Transponders and Radios Paired With an EFIS Can Free Up Space. This Shows a Full 10 Inch iPad Panel Mounted. Wow!

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